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Coffee Making the Green Way

Posted by admin on October 13, 2010

Earlier this year, the day marked Earth Day on the calendars turned forty. After so many years you'd think the world was looking greener. However, it's no secret that the earth is taking some pretty hard hits right now. And coffee drinkers, we're part of the problem. To meet the demand of coffee drinkers, forests are being cut down for coffee trees and too often people litter coffee cups.

There's no easy answer, but there's ways for us to go from causing more problems to being part of the solution.

Next time you go shopping, take a look at the labels on the coffee there. Organic and shade grown are just two of the many earth friendly labels out there. Organic coffees are grown and processed without harsh chemicals and shade grown coffee preserves the habitats for migratory birds. And don't forget to buy local so your morning coffee has less of a carbon foot print.

Billions of paper and Styrofoam cups are used once then thrown out. They're filling up our landfills, polluting our lakes and covering land. The answer is simple, start using a travel mug.

Unplug your coffee maker and cut your electric bill with an Aerobie Aeropress, the greenest option available. The only power needed is to the heat the water. The Aeropress only needs a filter that's less than the size of a silver dollarto give you a great tasting coffee.

If you are set on using your traditional drip coffee maker, use coffee filters made out of recycled paper or better yet get a permanent reusable filter. Do you have a Keurig or other single serve machine? Have you checked out the reusable K-Cup? It allows you to use your own coffee and not throw out a plastic k-cup every time. Win/win.

After you're all done, don't throw the coffee grounds in the trash. Instead put them in your compost heap. If you don't have one, what are you waiting for? Start one today or give them to a neighbor that does have one in their backyard.

That's just a few easy ways to go green with your coffee, but that's just the beginning. There's so many ways that you can help nurture our earth.