Best Coffee Machine - the AeroPress

Coffee Machine Definition: "Machine for making coffee: a machine in which coffee is made by filtering or forcing heated water at high pressure through coffee grounds into a jug or cup." REMARK: the AeroPress could be defined as a 'hand-operated' machine. Whether it is a 'coffee maker' a 'coffee tool' or a 'coffee machine,' the AeroPress is truly unique.


What makes one coffee machine better than the rest? Maximum coffee taste without the bitterness! AeroPress is best!

''Absolutely, AeroPress makes the most delicious cup of coffee I have ever tasted in my entire life and I love coffee.''
James Spencer, Rose Bay Sydney

"I like the Aeropress very, very much.  It is terrific.  I love the simplicity of it and the coffee that it makes is very good."
Mark Hoza, North Coast Coffee Roasters

AeroPress makes the smoothest of coffees yielding a rich, fresh delicious and distinctive flavour with highly pleasing and health enhancing lower acidity qualities compared to coffees that are prepared in other ways. This 'total immersion brewing' manifests the richest of full coffee flavours via a special extraction process. 

Other coffee makers often drip hot water onto the bed of the grounds, over-extracting at the  centre and therefore wasting the flavour from the edges.

The unique AeroPress evenly filters through the fresh grounds and are microfiltered for the purest, frit free coffee - The preparation time is only one minute from start to the highly pleasing enjoyment of  tasting the coffee.  This must be the most delicious and and probably the fastest press coffee maker in the world.

AeroPress also perfectly filters non coffee grounds such as roasted dandelion.

I like it!

"I didn’t know the same coffee could taste so good."
Peter Whitely – Sunset Magazine

"This is the first cup of coffee I’ve ever enjoyed without cream and sugar."
Margie Gray – Professional Engineer and coffee lover

"When used properly, AeroPress produces a remarkably good straight espresso and an excellent Americano-style taller cup. In fact, it produces a better espresso shot than many home machines that cost twenty or thirty times as much.
Kenneth Davids – Author of:
'Coffee: A Guide to Buying Brewing and Enjoying'
'Espresso: Ultimate Coffee'
'Coffee Roasting: Romance and Revival'
and Editor of

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